Human Rights Media Trust and Uhuru Productions presents:
A set of 4 films profiling climate justice activists in 5 southern African countries

The series of films in Hotspot aims to champion and support climate justice agendas and activist voices by investing in movement-building support for African activists. The goal is to provide platforms for debate on how best to meet current challenges at a local level, and foreground solutions at every turn. 

In each country, storylines have been built around specific climate crisis related threats and challenges faced by the communities that the activists represent, while shining a light on the solutions that they are endeavouring to amplify.

Temperature Rising

As climate induced disasters are on the rise across Southern Africa, three activists grapple with what thinking globally and acting locally means in practise.


Malagasy filmmaker, Franco Clerc, sets out to find a lasting solution to his country’s deep poverty. The social and environmental impacts of mining rare earth minerals reads like a horror story and Franco, with growing admiration for the young activists that risk everything, decides to join them and use his camera to tell their story.


A story of food sovereignty and land reform in Zimbabwe. It begins on a farm, where seeds, red earth and feminism come together in a gorgeous tapestry of small scale localised food production.

Could this model supplant the current one of large scale commercial farming – where those who can’t afford to eat will starve?


A marine biologist whose life’s work rebuilding mangrove forests is threatened because adaptation only works if we keep warming levels below 1.5 degrees.


This film takes us to northern Mozambique, where South African soldiers defend the profitable offshore gas operations of French energy company, Total Energies, against attacks by ‘insurgents’. But there’s another explanation for the conflict, one that centres around oil, gas and oppression.


  • Rapid decarbonisation

  • Climate Jobs

  • Fair Finance

  • Democratic Control by the people

  • Equitable & Resilient Food and Farming Systems


  • Large Passionate Grassroots movements to enforce action

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