Temperature rising


The Temperature Rising impact campaign aims to support political education, movement building and mobilisation among civil society campaigners in South Africa. 

The film is being screened with partner organisations across South Africa, and is accompanied by structured dialogue co-created with local campaigning organisations to facilitate the development of clear and accessible demands concerning climate action and the implementation of a just energy transition. If you are interested to screen the film for your organisation, initiative or community, get in touch with us.

Solving the climate crisis goes hand-in-hand with solving some of the big problems we face in the Global South – such as inequality, unemployment and energy poverty.

Putting all of these things together is called Climate Justice

Climate Justice says – a better world is possible, but to get there we need to do several things

1/ Keep the global average temperature rise since pre-industrial times below 1.5 degrees by a just transition to a low carbon economy. 

This is the big priority because every degree means more deaths and human misery. Unfortunately we overshot this target in 2023 and we are seeing the impacts. This means it is more urgent than ever that we act quickly to cool the planet. 

But it matters how we do this. So…

2/ Change the system.

The system is not working and we know this because so many people are suffering. We can’t achieve Climate Justice without changing the economic system that we live under. Capitalism is based on endless growth that can only be achieved by exploiting human labour and the environment. That’s what got us into this mess. We are now not only at risk of more and more climate disasters, democratic freedoms are threatened in many parts of the world as elites scramble to suppress dissent.

3/ Fight for People’s Power 

Many social movements are calling for a progressive post-growth economy. One that works for all the people. We can also call this a Next Economy. People who have a lot of wealth will have to make do with a lot less – we need to bring people up to the same level so that everyone’s needs can be met. This way we can not only protect people from the worst impacts of a boiling planet – we can also tackle our energy crisis and create jobs.

The four big changes we need to cool the planet and to give us all a better life:

For short videos that explain and explore some of the key concepts that make sense of the complexity of the climate crisis in Southern Africa check the resources section.

Our screening toolkit is available here:

Upcoming Screenings

18 May 8pm – Climate Justice Coalition Gathering, Valverde Eco Hotel, Beyers Naude Extension, Muldersdrift, Lanseria, 1748

18 May – Sunshine Cinema Screening & Workshop, J-336 Songezo Rd, Harare, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

26 May – Sunshine Cinema Screening & Workshop – Ntulabakayise High School, KwaNibela, Kwazulu Natal.


Past Screenings

18 October 2023 – African Human Rights Film Festival, Labia Cinema, Cape Town

24 October 2023 – The Commons, Muizenberg Cape Town

31 October 2023 – Warming Up Africadelic Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

26 January 2024 – The Cortex Hub, East London 

26 January 2024 – Lenyenye Community Hall, Tzaneen

27 January 2024 – Waaihoek Wesleyan Church, Bloemfontein

31 January 2024 – Bertha House, 67 Main Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town

31 January 2024 – KZNFC, 115 Musgrave Rd, Berea, Durban

07 February 2024 – The Bioscope, Johannesburg

7 February 2024 – Sustainability Institute, Cape Town

23 February 2024 – Makhanda, Eastern Cape DocLOVE – Rhodes University, Makhanda

4 March 2024 – Moroke Village, Limpopo Energy Indaba

5 March 2024 – Sekgakgapeng, Mokopane, Limpopo Energy Indaba

6 March 2024 – Botshabela, Free State Energy Indaba

7 March 2024 – Welkom, Free State Energy Indaba

8 March 2024 – Khayelitsha, Cape Town DocLOVE / Project 90 – Isivivana Cinema

9 March 2024 – Soweto, Gauteng Energy Indaba

22 April 2024 – Earth Day – University of Exeter, UK

22 April 2024 – Earth day – Akanyang Training Room – Hatfield Campus Pretoria.